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21 maj 2020 10:32 av LeptoConnectReview


The leptin is a protein which was identified approximately 20 years ago, but discovered years ago when a mutation in rodents caused hyperphagia (good appetite), lethargy, and mild hyperglycemia obesity because of the lack of this hormone was observed. Its name derives from the Greek "leptos" which means slim because it was initially considered an anti-obesity hormone , but today it is known that it has many other functions in our body and that it is not only released in adipose tissue although i

18 maj 2020 08:34 av LeptoConnect


If you want to avoid struggling with weight problems, you should keep leptin sensitivity levels high. This way your brain can simply do all the work for you, as it regulates appetite to make sure you stay at a healthy body fat percentage. Some health and fitness marketers and talkers have skipped all of this and produced an excess of diets and supplements meant to balance and optimize special leptin levels, but like most fad diets and "weird supplements" it's a bunch of shit.

13 maj 2020 16:35 av blood balance formula


Most people who have to suffer from high blood sugar levels should then find a way to control it; since not taking into account or attending to the problem can end up bringing tragic consequences such as death, so you have to learn how to lower the blood sugar level naturally. Generally speaking, when a person is really healthy and their sugar levels are correct, they stay at 80 to 100 milligrams, which is why they are deciliters, and glucose is totally regulated by a hormone known as insulin; I

20 april 2020 16:06 av Korpen Sandviken


Det behövs nya administratörer om grupperna ska vara kvar. I bordtennis kan jag tänka mig att vara kvar tills säsongen kört igång, sedan får någon annan ta över. Några i den "nya" styrelsen kanske kan hjälpas åt med de andra sektionerna..?

17 april 2020 12:39 av Korpen Sandviken


Ev. seriestart framflyttad. Inget datum bestämt. /covid-19

8 april 2020 15:15 av Korpen Sandviken


Två saker spelar in om det ska bli någon serie i år. Ingen anställd fr.om. 30/4 som kan sköta verksamheten OCH Coronaviruset. Det bygger nu på frivillighet och anpassning till folkhälsoinstitutets besked ang. covid-19

19 mars 2020 14:44 av Korpen Sandviken


Matchen om tredjeplats och finalen skjuts upp på obestämd framtid... //COVID 19

19 mars 2020 14:42 av Korpen Sandviken


Seriesegrarna Bohlins Bruins tog hem bucklan. Grattis!

16 mars 2020 14:53 av Korpen Sandviken


Slutspelet inställt! //COVID 19

16 mars 2020 14:53 av Korpen Sandviken


Avslutningsfesten inställd! //COVID 19



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